About Us

Amatis is a New Zealand based website design and search engine optimisation (SEO) firm. We use WordPress to design and build websites that convert more visitors to customers and are optimised for search engines, bringing more targeted traffic to your door.

How Amatis can help you

You want your existing and prospective customers to be able to find your website easily. Once there, you want them to learn about your company, products and services. You may also want them to buy directly from your website.

We want these things for you too. The best way to achieve this is to bring genuine, interested visitors to your website through targeted SEO. Once they arrive, provide a compelling user experience on your site through appropriate design and functionality.

We have the expertise to help you do this. If you are serious about getting your business online or improving your online presence to increase brand awareness or drive sales, talk to us today.

A little history

Paul Horak, founder and CEO of Amatis Limited, started a company in Tauranga, New Zealand, in 1998 providing IT support and web hosting for businesses. This grew into a web development agency, datacentre and ISP employing around 30 people and was sold to a competitor in 2016.

Since then, Paul has enjoyed spending more time with his family and returning to a smaller business model where he can maintain one-on-one relationships with his customers. This gives him the opportunity to get to know his clients better and really understand their business needs.

Having grown up in Africa, Paul is delighted to be able to employ a dedicated team in Kenya. Our staff in Nairobi includes website designers, developers, support personnel and administrators, all of whom have a passion for the work we do.

Paul Horak, CEO of Amatis Ltd, website design and SEO firm based in New Zealand

Paul Horak Founder

Paul Horak is an entrepreneur with a focus on technology-driven business. He has extensive experience in IT systems, Internet infrastructure and online presence and a deep understanding of technology security. An ongoing interest in "how things work" keeps him up to date with SEO and system developments. These attributes place Paul in an excellent position to advise and guide you and your organisation as you embark on building or improving your online systems.

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